Our sponsors

We would like to acknowledge and thank the sponsors listed below, without whom the conference would not be possible.

Platinum sponsor | WS Medical

WS Medical is an importer and distributor of Orfit thermoplastics for medical applications - operating since 1993.

Based on innovative technologies, Orfit develops and produces the most precise and reliable thermoplastic materials for medical devices that improve patient treatment around the world.

Orfit is unique as the only company in our industry that has the entire process of R&D, Production, Quality Assurance and Sales & Training under one roof. Our R&D and Production Teams use the latest technologies both with respect to materials and production methods so that patients and clinicians are assured of an excellent clinical outcome.

Ongoing innovation translates into wonderful products for you to use, please stop by our display and have a look at the latest product releases.

Have a wonderful conference…….see you there